EduRaaga Learning Curriculum

Our Curriculum

Our specially designed curriculum enables a seamless learning experience with better knowledge retention. EduRaaga as the name signifies is oriented towards taking advanced levels of Indian music to the world through our team of celebrated Celebrities on our live interactive digital platform.

Music Learning


Program is designed to bring out the professional artist in the student and helps in learning heavy compositions with a lot of scope for improvisations. It covers Sarali Varisai, Jantai Varisai, Dattu Varisai, Geetham, Alankaram, Keerthanai, Manodharma Sangeetham, RaagamNeravalSwaram and RaagamThaanam Pallavi. In this progressive curriculum, different famous carnatic compositions will be taught by legendary / reputed singers after all evaluation processes. The nuances, classical knowledge, voice structure and culture, knowledge about different Carnatic compositions of different composers all will be checked and evaluated during audition. Expert sessions are conducted in modules of continuing 5 and 8 week sessions.

Prerequisites for celebrity Led Sessions: Minimum knowledge of Varnam required. It will not be a regular Carnatic teaching session and it will be a journey to different folds in a with wide exposure from top rated legendary singers. Song wise coverage would be enabled across bhavam, ragam, thaanam and other nuances. Celebrity Signed certificates would be made available for proficient students

Light Music Track

The Light Music Track is a specialized Celebrity Led Signature Program in continuing modules of 5 weekly sessions where the student's intensive involvement in light music singing happens. This course will be anchored by the one or more of the core celebrities from our panel with Orchestra support from remote studio. There will be an opportunity for a face to face interaction and for singing alongside the celebrity periodically.

Instrument Music

EduRaaga caters to Instrument music learning through its team of accomplished musicians of cine industry reputation proficient in Keyboard, Piano, Guitar, Violin, Flute and Saxophone among others.

Benefits of EduRaaga Music learning

Through tour online live interactive programs, one will be able to:

  • Appreciate and align with fundamental concepts like the tune, beat, and tempo of singing.
  • Experience the nuances of film songs such as using the right pitch, tune, beat and tempo for the context and Entry/ Exit at the right beats with the right tempo.
  • Sing few specific Tamil / Telugu/ Kannada/ Malayalam Film songs applying the correct music principles.
  • The program will also focus on correct pronunciation/correction and in identifying the suitable pitch/scale for the singers.

Other instruments to be added soon.

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